Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Root Canal Treatment in Salem

Root Canal treatment is the process of removing the inflamed or infected pulp tissue from within the tooth. It is also referred to as  Endodontic Therapy.

Root canal treatment is especially directed towards the one specific set of aims to prevent or cure dental pulp related problems.
Common causes of pulp damage:
  • Cracked Tooth
  • Deep cavity
  • Teeth Injury
  • Traumatic dental injury
If one tooth is dead or infected, it will cause the death of other nearest teeth and it will also  cause pain.
The primary aim of root canal treatment is to access the cavity preparation, cleaning & shaping to remove the canal contents. Root canal treatment is generally preferred to to repair and save infected tooth.
Treatments generally includes removing the natural infected areas of the pulp and cleaning and dysfunctioning it and then  filling and sealing it with a rubber like material called gutta-percha.  After all the primary examination and treatments then tooth is restored with an artificial crown for protection.

Why Root canal is necessary?
  • Cracked tooth: A crown is necessary to restore a cracked tooth to normal chewing function and prevent its loss to further function. Root canal treatment is often necessary to  remove the inflamed pulp prior to crown placement.
  • Traumatic Injury: May expose the pulp and may also disrupt the blood supply to the pulp.
  • Elective - An elective root canal treatment may be recommended : If a substantial portion of your tooth is missing and require more attention for the new crown

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