Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Dental Care for Children

A regular teeth cleaning habit makes your life healthier and smiler. In case of Children's they have to care about their teeth as they grow up. An effective care makes your teeth stronger and keeps teeth decay free. It is necessary to take care of oral health before first tooth comes from gum. Only from healthier gums better tooth comes out. It is the duty of parents to give attentions to child's health.
Here are some points you need to consider.
- Brush child's teeth twice a day with a soft bristle brush
- Make sure you teach how to brush in a proper way. Gently brush back and forth.
- Take your child to the dentist once in a month.
- Wipe gums of child up to 2 years with a washed cloth after feeding.
- Start using fluoride toothpaste after age of 3.
- Always care for black teeth in which plaque is more higher.
- Eat a well balanced diet that must give restriction to sugar items in food content.

Child have baby teeth by age of 3. Gaps between teeth occurs normally in babies. Permanent teeth comes normally at age of 6 after primary teeth falling out from mouth. Tooth Decay can happen if a baby drinks milk, juice, formula out of bottles over long period of time. It is important to protect from tooth decay at an earlier age itself. If any injury occurs in child's mouth, must consult a dentist immediately. There are relief techniques available from dental pain and also re plantation is possible. 
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